About Us

Regent Paints enter United States of America from the port of Maimi, with the most beautiful product range. Getting all the colors from the Rainbow. A complete, comprehensive, conclusive, creative, Beautiful Paint products. A company that is absolutely self sufficient with its product ranges, color fandecs, list of shades, and programs. With the idea of innovation, productivity, sustainability and community service Regent Paints has all its areas covered with perfection and sophistication. Regent Paints holds ground very efficiently.

Regent Paints INC, as a specialty Paint Manufacturer, Paint Raw Material Manufacturer. It is a Division of Matawala Paint Industries UAE and Associated Paints Industries UAE. Moving ahead as an important division torch bearer company holding most Importantly Regent Brand and Recycling ventures.

We are only group of industries which formulate the raw materials, produce them, formulate the Paint products and produce paints. We collect the unused paints from the industry, markets, from homes, from warehoused and are constantly in a process of recycling the paints. We are pioneering the project of recycling the oil based paints, solvents, industrial hazardous waste of paints along with the latex based paints. Apart from the work and business creations that have happened over the course of time and reflected in the ledgers, accounts or balance sheets, there is so much Regent Paints have done in terms of communicating awareness towards the recycling of the paints and related products. Such of the items were going into landfilling, polluting the land and its fertility or sent as fuel blending, creating carbon from the usable rawmaterials and paints. By the wonderful act of recycling we are the only company of Paints that gives its new paints instead of the old left over paint to recycle.

We are the only company that reimburses and encourages going a mile ahead with the people to make them come forward to recycle. We have established the Amazing Regent Recycling Dollar for everybody and anybody who recycles paints with us. We take in the product, we pay recycling dollars that could be reimbursed to buy new paints from our locations. Entire system of generating responsibility, creating awareness, showeringbenefits. Moving towards a program which is one of its kind.

We innovate ideas of totality from raw material manufacturing to finish products of paints of all kinds and back to recycling. With our mutual investments becoming a part of our group based in UAE, USA, UK & India. We shall provide our brands, machineries know how, raw materials, networking, advertising & other supports available & required from time to time.

We are also doing a brand name American Paradise in India. We started this when we were importing the goods from USA about 7 years ago. We are shipping goods to Usa, Canada and South America. We are also giving recycling services and importing from here. We have experience of working with US companies since over 8 continous years, in fields of helping the recycling aspect or supplies of paints and related raw materials.


We have the experienced management team and formulations to become a major player in the specialized niche we serve. We have developed new technology and processes that are in demand by other manufacturers as well as by major distributors who do not have the ability to produce our products in very competitive price.

We see our mission as not only that of manufacturer, but as a trade supplier where we can reach the end-user market with products we consider to be proprietary. We seek a fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term.

Create a base in a most complete manner that enables the company to do everything by itself. A platform with complete raw material set up, paint production lines, paint collection points, paint recycling zones are adequately achived. A model of franchisee setting up, stores distribution network, supply chain and follow ups.

Customer satisfaction and Community service are the basic fundamentals were adhere to.

Regent Paints INC, works as a specialty

  1. Paint Manufacturer,
  2. Paint Raw Material Manufacturer,
  3. Provider of Paints in Bulk,
  4. Paint Recycling and Paint Raw material Recycling services,
  5. Creating Regent Paint Store Franchisee,
  6. Giving Painters and Contractors works contracts and direct factory priced paints,
  7. Providing painting services into Residential, Industrial and Commercial clients,
  8. Encouraging Distribution and Wholesale of Paints,
  9. Creating Private label brands for entrepreneurs.
  10. Provide contracts of paint manufacturing and job works at an extremely efficient, economic and logistically viable in UAE facility.
    ( we do it cheaper and economical than china )

It is a Division of Matawala Paint Industries UAE and Associated Paints Industries UAE. Moving ahead as an important division torch bearer company holding most Importantly Regent Brand and Recycling ventures.