Paint recycling is an essential element and responsibility of the manufacturers, retailers and consumers. We have an extremely organized approach that benefits the environment and the recycling person/organization when they recycle with us.

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Serving a third generation in the Industry in middle east, India, USA and Canada, Huzaifa Matawala from Regent Paints INC USA explains a few important insights on Environmental impact and solutions.

Huzaifa has been a part of the manufacturing processes of Paints and Paint raw materials. His speciality remain the latex based paints, it's acrylic binders and polimers and Alkyd based paints, resins and pigments. With finer understanding of the chemical reactions, polymerization with house and family of chemical bindings and belongings. We can recycle and recreate products and solutions. Bringing more solutions and opportunities.

Re cycling industry is in initial stages of development and there is so much yet to accomplish.

With every opening can and moving as a product we feel gratitude to have adventured a green cause for better tomorrow.

The processes of Paints are based on raw materials obtained from nature.

  • In the form of minerals from ground.
  • Solvents and monomers and crude oil from Oceans.
  • In form of resins, gums and tar from natural woods.

Paint in its lifecycle effects the environment both the times.

  • During extraction of raw material as a primary process.
  • And again when it dissolves back in environment.

Natural ingredients are polymerised and reacted enhancing their properties by use of heat and energy. Premium Resins, pigments, additives are created in the process. Such raw materials are used to make various coating products. This is a primary phase where we are utilising the natural resources to create a product. Such extraction process from nature doesn't instabilize the environment to a larger extent. As nature balances it self over this minimal absorption over the period of time.

Now, when these modified products get in direct contact with nature at it end causes instabilty. The paint items like the liquid latex or solvent based paint that have chemicals and composites that does not dissolve or finish in the nature as natural process. We need to bring in the process of re-cycling to avoid the hampering of natural surrounding to avoid its contact with paint.

We have re-cycling processes successfully in operation as a new beginning of the Paints. By doing this we are able to save the paint from being burnt or dumped. The paint doesn't get in contact with environment and simply relives. Recycling process also help lesser extraction and exploitation of resources.

With a concern of the increasing environmental instability. We seek

  • Paint is Evolved in several locations.
  • Paint is Inspired from Various compositions.
  • Paint is Formulated with Different chemistries.
  • Paint has its lifeforms.

We belive the Paints Evolves And Should keep evolving.

Paints and it's usages, determines the chemistry it needs to be equated with.Such a chemistry, molecular reactions, knot it creates with the particle size, the chain it makes and so property it achieves to fulfill it's capability.

We were very Satisfied until all the above results were achieved, the formulation and laboratory work was accomplished. The applicators got the desired results. Product performed the utility and businesses moved on. Paints with Faster drying time, better toughness, more durability and appropriately priced made easy sales.

Millions of Tons of Paints got produced globally and Most of it got utilised. All good until this stage.

Solutions were seeked when some of it were unutilized and needed attention.

Paints as a product is chemically friendly until it is not in contact with the environment directly.

But it is in contact all the time.

The parody is...

We coat to protect !

We coat to protect from the natural Environmental hazard, to the objects created by mankind, from the extremes of Environment !!!

This is the Primary expectation of Paints.

Everything is created with a reaction of Various elements. When we react we change something from a natural form to another artificial form. Such element when created may not always return to nature, the change is occurred and some changes are irrecoverable. Now they may be harmless or harmful is another aspect of research.

The Solution is required when the Paints need to be avoided to get in contact of Nature.

Depletion of Nature were caused by ways as under.

  • By Air by burning or evaporation of Chemicals during application or curing,
  • By Cleaning and so letting the water getting contaminated,
  • By Burring as waste or in land filling.

We At Matawala Group Of Industries with Expanding Business we Support the Save Paint and Save Environment principles.

With presence in almost all the continents locally belive in establishing the need for self paint raw material manufacturing , self paints manufacturing and responsible Recycling units inhouse at multiple locations. To ensure the collections and utilization of Paints fall correctly. All in sync and Team."

With visits to several USA and Canadian manufacturers of paints, resin factories & Paint recycling companies in several places we still see the recyclable solvent based paints end up fuel blending.

Fuel blending may be appropriate with the other petrochemicals or oils or flammable items.But solvent based paints like alkyd enamels, stains, solvent based ink products, primers, paint thinners, tank washed solvents, Alkyd resins, epoxies, hardners, etc are our paint family.

It is a responsibility of we few technical veterans of the solvent based industry manufacturers who are able to understand the chemical compositions of the solvent Paints to be reutilized.

We have applied for patent in UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE for Oil paint

Recycling and Regent Recycling dollar (attached).

With a vision to initiate a process to recognize a fact that oil paints have several important ingredients that is better utilized as paints. By burning them into fuel we burn the resins, premium solvents, wax, metallic driers, pigments, additives, other chemicals, etc. When we burn these ingredients we need to understand the cost of creating a pigment of several grade takes a very intense amount of power and fuel. It also consists of the most rare chemical and metals which is extracted or created with tremendous amount of Utilization of resources.

The resins when cooked in a reactor with the amines and phallic anahydrides, or penta or metallic or monomers are the composites achieved with several variatons of mixes of temperatures and petrochemical fusions.

Hence the energy, resources, power and rare blends of nature and technology couldn't be fuel blended without a study. If we are able to sustain the pulp of these and be able to re-utilize them as a pulp in blending paints in the future we are on a better path of serving the environment.

Because, when we fuel blend these speciality items in fire we have wasted an opportunity to save them. Hence the cycle of generation of newer resins, solvents, metallic driers, pigments, additives, etc has to take place. So we have to again extract the more gums from more trees, or erode many more mountains for minerals, or suck the oils from the sea to create speciality monomers or hydrocarbons to attain the technological expertise for premium speciality coatings again.

It is far more environmentally appropriate to re-utilize oil paints and related items as paints so we save the process of raw material generation. Such generation of raw material process is far more environmentally stressful. And re-utilization of the oil Paint saves a lot of power and precious natural resources.

Such saving is much more in value and utility than the fuel blending properties a paint can will provide. Also in most of the cases the Paints of certain grades do not help the burning process in-fact hamper the fuel blending costings.Recognizing the above situation, taking a Pioneering responsibility, we were able to Patent some important aspects of this process.

Hence considering this as extremely important situation, we would like to request to give solvent and water based paints and related items an opportunity to relive. I would have a program by which way the hazardous paint cans from programs and Industries could be un-caned and bulked in a certain way that we retain its properties as product. Hence, instead of making it as a waste we recraft it as a 'PAINT', save cost on disposal, better utilize in our products.

We are the third generation business of paint and raw material manufacturers.

We work on the paint related projects and serve to our best knowledge and expertise of the industry. Our major focus and interested lies in solvent based paints, solvents, raw materials and all paint related materials.

We can recycle, classify, rectify, and re-utilize in a very cost efficient matter.

If you having a waste collecting facility or recycling facility, we are now offering a franchise model of collections.For more information please contact on and fill the form as

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