About Us

Regent Paints Inc. has quickly become one of the foremost leaders in the paint recycling industry. Its extensive paint color selection, that include over 300 choices, and its unique bio-friendly processes that convert and recycle oil-paint and latex-based paints into new paint–related products in an environmentally-conscious way, has captured international traction and acclaim among clients worldwide. Regent Paints Inc.’s innovative approach and effective techniques in recycling oil-paint have positively impacted its partnering firms, helping prevent pollutants from entering the North American atmosphere, in addition to serving as a central force in expanding business opportunities for its clientele in Dubai, India, and North America. To date, Regent Paints Inc. has recycled over 10 million gallons of paint worldwide through its processes and programs that have proven to make our planet cleaner and greener.

An industry leader, Regent Paints Inc. is a specialty paint manufacturer and an affiliate of the Matawala Paints in India and Matawala paint Industries llc UAE. Through its established and innovative recycling paint programs and processes, the firm has successfully collected large quantities of recaptured unused paints from homes, warehouses, markets, and the industry, and recycled these paints into new products consisting of paints, primers, and stucco among others. By establishing its presence in numerous markets over the years, Regent Paints Inc. continues to successfully raise an increased awareness around the importance of recycling paints and related products, and its significant enrichmentto our environment. Advocating for green product manufacturing, Regent Paints Inc. provides top-tier quality paints and paint-related products in an environmentally sound manner to protect the health and well being of its customers and the overall planet.

Regent Paints Inc. is overseen by its President, Huzaifa Matawala. Huzaifa Matawala has a long and established career in paint manufacturing and recycling dating back to his childhood as the lineage of generations of respected paint manufacturers in India. Huzaifa Matawala, himself, has advanced the paint industry far beyond esteemed predecessors by developing his own recycling processes for oil and latex-based paints. His new processes are currently being implemented by some of the most recognized paint manufacturers and recyclers in North America and worldwide. Regent Paints, Inc.’s list of prominent clients includes Clean Harbors, Deltech Resins, and Atlanta Paint Disposal.


It is our mission at Regent Paints, Inc. to not only provide exceptional paint manufacturing services, but also to serve as a trade supplier that enables us to reach the end-user market with essential products. In addition, it is our goal to ensure customer satisfaction, spread our recycling initiatives with fellow partners, and sustain long-term relationships. In addition, we extend an invitation for companies and individuals to partner with us in our paint recycling endeavors.We are committed to providing exceptional services and sharing our expertise with our clients in the following sectors:

  1. Paint Manufacturing
  2. Raw Materials of Paint Manufacturing
  3. Paints in Bulk
  4. Recycling Services for Paint & Raw Materials of Paint
  5. Store Franchising
  6. Distribution & Wholesale of Paints
  7. Providing Painters & Contractors work contracts and paints at factory pricing
  8. Painting services in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors
  9. Encouraging Distribution & Wholesale of Paints
  10. Creating Private Label brands for Entrepreneurs
  11. Fulfilling Paint Manufacturing Contracts in an Efficient, Effective, and Environmentally-Conscious Way that are Competitively Priced and Custom-Tailored to Suit Customer Needs and Specifications.

We look forward to fulfilling all of your paint manufacturing and paint service needs, while at the same time fostering a cleaner, greener planet.