Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy finish is a two pack solvent based paint suitable for kitchens, workshops, factories, and chemical plant floor.


Colour : Available in pastel and dark shades

Finish : High gloss/Egg Shell

Theoretical Coverage 7-8 m2/ lit

Curing time: 15 –20 hours at 25° C

Full cure: 7 days

Flash point 22°C (ISO 367 –83)

Specific gravity: 1.35+.05 when mixed A+B

Pot life: 8 hours at 25° C

Mixing ratio: 4 parts base“A” : 1 part hardner “B”

Solvent: Epoxy thinner.

High temperature will accelerate dry times and decrease pot life; lower temperature will lengthen cure times and slightly increase pot life.