Epoxy Primer Grey

Epoxy Primer Grey is a two pack polyamide cured primer generally used for epoxy system on masonry surface and cement works.


Colour : Grey

Finish : Matt

Theoretical Coverage 6-7 m2/lit on masonry surface

Spreading rate is theoretically calculated and can be effected by substrate preparation thinning and methods of application.

Solids (volume) : 24±2%

Curing time : 3-6 hours at 25 ° C

Full cure : 7 days

Flash point : 25 ° C (ISO 367 –83)

Specific gravity : 1.00 when mixed A+B

Pot life : 4 hours at 25 ° C

Mixing ratio : 4 parts base"A" : 1 part hardner "B"

Solvent : Epoxy thinner.

High temperature will accelerate dry times and decrease pot life; lower temperature will lengthen cure times and slightly increase pot life. Normally Tollens Epoxy primer grey A+B mixing pot life is 4hrs.As a diluent use Tollens Epoxy thinner 15 – 25 %.