At Regent Paints, Inc. we convert your paint materials and raw paint component materials into finished goods in a cost-efficient manner. We produce over 21 million liters of recycled paint annually in our one affiliated factory in the UAE alone. Our facilities provide instant access to higher quantities of paint. We offer an extensive and diverse selection of recycling and production services as well as paint and coating products includingpaints, enamels, emulsions, primers, undercoats, strainers, raw materials, additives, resins and other products in one place. We distribute both new and recycled paints across the globe including to retail and wholesale markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.The process is simple: we provide your log-in information that allows you to instantly access your product(s) made available to you at all times. Inventory reports are presented to you at frequent periodic intervals, enabling you to easily oversee the condition of your product through internal laboratory reports, batch samples, color matching, specification sheets, and much more .

We offer production services in our facilities on contractual basis.We convert your raw materials into finished goods at a nominal costs using our facilities.Clients gets an advantage of free imports, easy working atmospheres, relaible effecient team, lesser costs, immediate access to higher quantities. A total range of diverse products are made availability under 1 roof. Productions with us is more efficient, economical and easy accessible for most African, European, Asian markets.

We provide total access to our facility and make it extremely easy, friendly and reliable to operate.A separate login details, access to your product quality, inventory reports shall be available at all times.A complete Internal laboratory reports, batch samples, color matching, spec sheets, production sheets, etc is also possible.

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