Red Oxide Primer

A general-purpose alkyd based primer with anticorrosive red iron oxide pigment for the protection of steel surfaces against moderate corrosive environments.It is an economical anticorrosive primer for general-purpose applications.


It is recommended for mild steel structures and surfaces in domestic and mild corrosive environments. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.


Colour, Dry Film : Red

Finish, Dry Film : Smooth/Matt

Volume Solids, % 51± 2

Specific Gravity : 1.46± 0.05

Theoretical Spreading Range : 11-12 M2/L

Recommended Dft Range (Dry Film Thickness) : 35-45 Microns/Coat

Recommended Wft Range (Wet Film Thickness) : 75-90 Microns/Coat

Flash Point : 38 ° C

Flexibility : Good

Drying Time : @ 30 ° C (Temperature, humidity, air movement, film thickness and number of coats all affect the drying time.)

Dry To Recoat/Overcoat : 12 Hours

Hard Dry : 24 Hours