Epoxy Top Coat

A two pack high build epoxy Polyamide based under coat containing inert pigments. It is recommended as a final coat in an Epoxy system


  • High build in single coat.
  • Excellent resistance to fresh and salt water
  • Abrasion resistance and flexible films.
  • Excellent inter-coat adhesion.
  • Resistant to solvents.
  • Resistance to mild acids.


Coating for long term protection for structural steel, concrete surface and internal lining of edible oil tanks, and fuel tanks. Suitable for marine installations, power plants, fertilizers, hospitals, laboratories, etc.


Colour : As per Shade Card

Finish : Smooth/Glossy, Semi Gloss

Specific gravity : 1.40±0.05 when mixed A+B

Volume of Solids : 55±2%

Theoretical Coverage13.5-9.5 m2/lit

Recommended (D.F.T.) : 35-55 Microns/Coat

Recommended (W.F.T.) : 70-100 Microns/Coat

Flash point : 25 ° C (ISO 367 –83)

Drying Time

Surface Dry : 4-6 hrs

Hard Dry : 10-12 hrs.

Over coating Interval

Min. 12 hrs.

Max. 7 days

Pot life : 8 hours at 25 ° C

Mixing ratio : 4 parts base"A":1 part hardner "B"

Solvent : Epoxy thinner.

High temperature will accelerate dry times and decrease pot life; lower temperature will lengthen cure times and slightly increase pot life. Normally Tollens Epoxy primer grey A+B mixing pot life is 8hrs.As a diluents using Tollens Epoxy thinner 10– 15 %.