Anti-Corrosive Black Matt

Solvent based modified bituminous rust proofing , waterproofing emulsion incorporating elastomers and reinforcing agents.


Colour : black

Solids : 70 ± 2%

Specific gravity 1.40 at 25° C

Theoretical Coverage 3 – 5 m2/lit (@ 70u M)

Drying time :– At 25 ° t

To touch: 15 min

To Recoat: 2 hours

Max.overcoat interval: Not applicable

Vehicle type: bitumen –coal tar

Flash Point: 35° C.

Tollens Solvbit imparts outstanding weather and light chemicals resistance. Surface has to be primed with Tolokote bitumen emulsion, if the surface is very dry or porous. The dry film provides a durable, flexible coating, which will not brake under severe climatic conditions. Typical range: -10° C - +70° C