Matte Premium Latex

Matte Premium Latex at the best Performance of durability tests in any walls, woods and few metals as well. An adventurous Range to sustain the sheen level and coverage of solvent based products. Adding value to extra coverage, low voc, non yellowing, acrylic features, water dilution and more. A Regent Hi Performance and durable product.

Matte finish is an Acrylic copolymer based, washable interior/exterior emulsion paint with a smooth flat decorative finish. It offers excellent adhesion and recoat ability. It is with better hiding power and exceptional light and weather resistance.


A Matte - gloss finish, acrylic resin emulsion formulated to protect and beautify interior surfaces. Excellent for masonary (concrete, cement block, cinder block), wall board, stone, brick, and wood. May also be used on properly primed steel.